TechAngels is a company with over 12 years of experience and a client base of 250+ diversified tech startups.

Over our history, we contributed to an extensive scope of aspects within the boundaries of the IT industry: from finance and logistics to healthcare, home security, and online gaming. Information technologies are an instrument with vast prospects. As of now, they have already entered dozens of other fields, and it is obvious that programmers and developers are not going to stop on their way to impose an impact on every sphere of our life.

As of today, we are focused on three major directions:

  • data security;
  • e-commerce;
  • online communication.

Hence, all the projects connected with these spheres take priority over other applications by default. Still, our team is open to all ambitious ideas. Hence, if you’ve got one, do not hesitate and make a try. We promise we will consider it with decent attention and objectivity.

Meanwhile, we want to highlight that TechAngels is a huge community, which unites hundreds of experts in diversified tech fields. So, we can easily find a potent approach and impactful opportunities for every start-up, regardless of its specialization, and transform it into a competitive business of global size and scale.

How do we cope with that? We have a series of complex programs designed for different groups of start-ups. They consist of multidirectional events aimed at advancing participants’ expertise on product development, overall business practices, finances, marketing and advertising, legal issues. So, young businesses are invited to take part in both webinars and offline lectures, workshops, meetings, personal consultations, interviews, and, certainly, pitches.

Supported by our partners and alumni, we provide our time, experience, skills, and resources to our clients to aid them in achieving their ambitious goals and guide them through the complicated and labor-consuming process of business transformation. Our major objective is to narrow down the gap between our clients and their dream of becoming large-scale entrepreneurs.

Our programs are aimed at providing young businesses with a wide scope of knowledge and skills. In fact, we strive to compress our 12-year accumulated wisdom and knowledge in a few months to accelerate their growth to the maximum. As a result, they get a clear vision and calculation of their further development. The only thing left is to follow the plan formulated relying on the support of our collaborative community.

Obviously, our programs are pretty intense and painstaking. Thus, we expect participants to be ready to work hard and to progress through the tasks and challenges assigned without halts or hesitations.

Our technologies are based on the practical experience and comprehensive expertise of our team and partners. The programs on offer are logical, balanced, well-calculated, and proven by 12+ years of fruitful work. So, you can fully rely on their efficiency.