Watson is the creation of the world’s most famous computer brand IBM. This is an incredible machine with a variety of functions which potential is yet to be discovered. It can be utilized with all fields of science, technology and industry as this is a self-studying intellect that can consume tons of information making it the part of the AI brain.

IBM engineers are continuing to train the machine in order to apply it for the development of machine intellect. The medical aspect is one of many but currently it is the most developed aspect. The machine can understand the human language, evaluate the statements and find the meaning of the data – basic cognitive functions which are natural for the human beings.

The amazing wonder of the machine

Watson has got the skills of preserving the health data but the best thing regarding the AI is that it won’t forget anything at all. The machine is operable through pure logic so there won’t be mistakes that are made with overconfidence. The AI can boast with the following benefits if compared with a human being:

  • The system of AI is based on ALL medical knowledge from the world on all languages as for the computer it is a sequence of 1 and 0. The decisions that will be made by an AI will be based on facts from the entire world.
  • The accuracy of the machine knows no equals. It is useless to compare a human being with sensors which are slowly degrading with aging to the machine. The machine can conduct the most precise measurement and data analysis but only through numeral language, while a person can explain it verbally.
  • The mutability is absent. Sometimes the final decision of the doctor can depend on mood, health state, lack of sleep or even personal relations. You would be amazed to hear that the flaws in the medical services which are caused by the emotions are among the most frequent ones. In this aspect the work with machine is totally safe.
  • Dr Watson is available throughout the world. A long as you have internet you can get AI consultation.

The growth of medical care potential

Many people are interested in the manner in which the computer issues the diagnosis or analyses the medical data. After the machine has gathered terabytes of data within the system it slowly started to process and consume the information through a special self-studying cognitive algorithm. All the medical issues and statements are produced based on the conclusions which derive from this database informational source.

The unified medical network from Canadian online pharmacy contains all the data about each patient – medical test results, personal history, hospitalization information and even research publication. Basically Watson is a giant encyclopaedia of medical knowledge that can analyse the data that is input and calculate the potential answers based on the Canadian pharmacy and other existing sources of information. The algorithm is based on a simple yes-no principle but, in fact, it only sounds easy. This is a tremendously difficult process that requires the performance of truly powerful machine as each mental process requires billions of “simple yes-no” operations. After all the requirements were met the machine can issue the final verdict with a diagnosis and even treatment procedure. Currently we can see the wide utilization of Watson AI for the detection of cancer and even for the leukaemia treatment plan development.

The only thing that IBM Watson lacks is the mental speed and capability to instantly orient in unpredictable situation. These are the capabilities of human doctors and this is the aim of the computer engineers. The AI has unlimited information volumes but still it should learn how to use it for the well-being of the patients.

The Grand Final

The IBM’s super computer is slowly increasing the cognition status. It is a self-studying machine based on neurological networks and it is studying the principles of human brain’s work by means of a special algorithm. The capabilities of Watson super computer are increasing with each day. Performing the role of a doctor is a great step forward in the development of machine intellect.

Many people wish to know how the artificial mind can deal with the patient information better than a human doctor. The answer is absolutely positive as due to the superfast solid drives that are used for storing the data all the information regarding the patient can be immediately transferred to operational memory and processed within a few seconds. Putting it even more simply – Dr. Watson remembers all the patients together with their histories of diseases, treatment programs and other vital data.

The next thing that people are interested in is the accuracy of the diagnosis. Yes, the artificial intellect might face difficulties while setting a proper diagnosis as a human factor can rely upon intuition, though doctors will never admit this point. However, the algorithm has got masterful skills at checking the analysis data of the patients and if the task is set in the right way the machine can issue the answer with 99% and that is truly amazing for a machine.

Will the machine replace the real doctors? – The most feared question. This question is some sort of a fantastic movie script. The role of a doctor can possibly change but they will never become unneeded. The core principle that lies in the answer is the social nature of human beings. Sometimes a warm word and a kind smile make a real healing wonder.

At present you will not be able to find any machine that can sympathize or feel any emotions as people do, although the goal of the machine doctor is not the emotions but the ability to check the health status and provide quality diagnosing with a further medical prescription.

The science has made a breakthrough by crafting a machine that can perform the functions of a real doctor but the road is still long enough with a lot of goals to achieve. Great discoveries are waiting for us, but one thing remains for sure: the medical service will remain an art of saving people and machine can become an excellent assistant that can make the process of treating people faster and more productive.

More information about IBM Watson: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-assistant