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Are you nurturing an idea of a revolutionary technology, which will change the world once and forever? What do you need to bring it to life? Capital? Advice? A team? We can help you with all of that! Tell us about your dream and prove that you are ready to do everything in your powers and beyond to realize it ? and we will supply you with inspiration, guidance, mentorship, funds, infrastructure, and partnership.

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TechAngels is a community uniting to support and accelerate tech entrepreneurs so that they can achieve their full potential and make a significant change to the global tech industry.

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We see our task as building and maintaining strong and fruitful connections between aspiring businesses and investors. We serve as an intermediary between these two worlds.

We are always open to promising tech ideas

How to become our client? If you believe that your idea is worth it, make a try and tell us about it. No matter how unthinkable or complicated it is. Let our experts decide.

Our community is aimed at finding and building powerful opportunities for gifted and motivated tech teams with no regard to their development stage, capital, and other initial conditions. We believe in bold ideas, genius, and diversity.

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Our Priority Interests

We are open to ambitious projects in such fields:

Data Security

Hacking attacks and informational leakages are the two challenges that put the reputation of every company at the biggest risks. As of now, there are only a very few platforms that manage to confront them without any losses. Thus, related technologies and products enjoy immense demand permanently and provide generous earning opportunities.


We believe that there is a huge room for improvement in customer service technologies. We do not limit ourselves to any exact technologies or directions ― anything aimed at helping online stores and marketplaces operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely and provide their services faultlessly and at a decent speed. If you know how to help such businesses forecast and fulfill the needs and wishes of their clients and deliver a perfect experience even to the most demanding customers, we are ready to listen to your ideas.


Although there are hundreds of such products on the market so far, we insist that it still offers a vast field for enhancement. Practice shows that the alignment of companies operating in this segment can dramatically and rapidly change at any moment after some new technology is introduced. Hence, we are seeking revolutionary approaches to video calls, texting, data sharing, etc. Let us make online communication more comfortable, enjoyable, efficient, faster, and safer.

Yet, we are ready to expand our horizons. Thus, you are welcome to introduce any other ideas that go beyond the directions specified.

We are waiting for entrepreneurs at all phases of development

We are ready to govern and advance both pre-seed teams and experienced entrepreneurs seeking a boost to move their business to the next level. Our company offers an extensive array of diversified programs targeted at all categories of potential clients.

However, in short, we offer our partners to make a choice between two schemes:

Direct investing

pre-seed companiesup to $150 0006–9% equityproportional investment rights

Zero-zero collaboration

experienced businessmena post-seed stageno direct fundingno instant equities30% of the next round as an option25% discount

What do we offer?


Regular meetings with potential advisors, investors, partners, and clients. We will teach you to build effective business contacts and supply access to our own network.


Offline lectures and online meetings with globally recognized and respected mentors and experts in varied spheres related to IT, economy, commerce, and your personal business interests.


A team of skillful and seasoned advisors will assist you in coping with all sorts of issues: from everyday business routine to goal setting, team building, establishing new partnerships.


Fundraising through exclusive pitches, community events, personal interviews, and other programs.


We will help you prepare and run pilot projects and effectively introduce your product to the market at early stages or assist in multiplying your production capacities or extending your network coverage.


Meet our alumni and field experts at diversified online and offline events organized by TechAngels to add up to your inspiration, motivation, confidence, expertise, and networking skills.

We are waiting for your applications

If you feel ready to present your idea and join one of our programs, do not postpone that. Submit the form, and we will guide you on the programs available based on your needs and interests.

Quick facts about us

50+ profound investors

250+ businesses boosted

12 years of experience

87% of companies still operating

$2 billion enterprise value

A Short List of Our Projects

During the latest 12 years, our team contributed to more than 250 companies. Here are some of the most promising projects from our portfolio.

Meet our alumni

Met Russel

We turned to TechAngels seeking additional funding, but, in the end, we left both with money and 5 new partners.

Hellen Miles

They boosted our confidence and helped us raise three times more than we ever expected.

Brad Miller

We came here with a bare idea in our hands and left as a decent company with a long-term business plan and our own network of customers and partners.

Ted Robinson

To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical about such kinds of programs at first. But how wrong I was!.. That was exactly the thing we needed. Now, we have an initial capital and a clear strategy, and we know where to move.

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