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We and our strategic partners work closely with you to foster rapid growth through funding, intense coaching and access to opportunities rarely in reach for startups.


$50k in seed funding per team, plus up to $250K in follow-on funding from DreamIt Ventures. Warm introductions and face-to-face meetings with active seed-stage investors.


Access to clinicians, executives, data, clinical systems and potential pilot or customer opportunities with the nation’s leading medical institutions. Warm intros and access to operators and subject matter experts at leading healthcare organizations including payers, providers, pharmacos, vendors, and government.


Weekly “Board meetings” with DreamIt Ventures’ managing directors to problem solve, get you connected and hold your feet to the fire. Hand-picked mentors chosen for their startup operating experience, fit with your venture, and commitment to spending significant time with you each week.

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Anthony Miller


“I love helping people meet their pharmaceutical and medical needs. Together with my team, we did our best to adjust our platform and services as with easy access, affordability, and quality.”

Anthony assists Dreamlt Healths team with their professional knowledge, delivery of exceptional care, and management of prescriptions which is conducted on the highest and legal level. He founded the pharmacy in 2005 and has converted it into a safe and reliable registered pharmacy that is administered and governed complying with the current legislation. Anthony graduated from Queens University in Belfast where studied Pharmacy Management. After that, he has accomplished several internship programs aimed to boost administrative and business skills in Europe and America. In 2005, he and Mark Allen gathered their knowledge and decided to found a pharmacy that won’t only distribute pharma goods but where the safety of patients is treated as the first-line philosophy. As of now, he is responsible for developing the product line and services that as per Dreamlth Health clients’ feedback they would like to see presented in the catalog. Besides, among the job duties, he looks for partners and volunteers who seek the opportunity to share awareness about affordable medications in their communities.

Mark Allen

Managing Director

“I am the one who loves what he does and does what he loves. Me, my friends, and my lovely spouse belong to Dreamlt Health Family, and cannot wait to involve more people who do not want to throw money down the drain for basic medication.”

Mark is a natural-born boss who knows how to teach personnel and leave clients happy. He started as a junior pharmacist in one local pharmaceutical company in Chicago. There, he came across Anthony who did not mind looking for friends who have similar goals regarding this industry. Mark graduated from the University of California where studied Pharmacy. Some internship programs helped him hone the skills of the correct prescribing medications and managing the small and medium businesses in the pharma industry. When the Dreamlth Health was founded, he was appointed as a managing director and started hiring the personnel. Today, it remains his main responsibility together with the education of team members and the share of philosophy.

Caroline Wilson

Leading Pharmacist

“I know what is right and what is wrong in this industry. And, I would never compromise on clients’ safety with poor-quality drugs that can be more profitable to us. Such a strategy you can leave to our competitors.”

Caroline is the heart of our company, she knows what the best pharmacist stands for and how to raise such leaders. With more than 30+ experience, she understands what is counterfeit just by giving a glance at the parcel, and how to deliver only safe and legal products at affordable prices. She shared the same alma-mater with Mark, she graduated from the University of California with a Pharmacy degree. And, her postgraduate program was in Japan. Today, she monitors the quality of services, and how team members communicate with clients and whether they provide professional care. Moreover, she is the one who cooperates with manufacturers and third-party distributors who let us provide customers with pharmaceutical products.

We operate startup accelerators in New York City, Philadelphia, Austin and Baltimore. We recruit around the world for high-potential teams and business concepts in which we invest and do everything we can to give them unfair advantages including access to people and opportunities normally out-of-reach.

We’re run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We believe the best mentorship comes from startup operators who’ve been there before and done it before. We’re engineers who appreciate technical innovation, both software and hardware, in the service of solving difficult problems. We’ve been doing this since 2008 and have learned a thing or two about helping teams rapidly find product-market fit.

We know that your venture is marathon and not a sprint. Your four months with us will go by in the blink of an eye, but we’re there for the long-term with a venture fund that makes follow-on investments in our alumni.